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In line with current government advice I am available for author workshops in person for individual classes or I am also available for virtual sessions.


Option 1 - In Person author workshop: I can offer a 2 hour session priced at £100 plus travel expenses. This 2 hour session can either be split into 2 x 1 hour class sessions or 4 x ½ hour classes.  In these sessions I will read my book, hold an author question and answer session and complete craft / writing activities. Included in the cost of the session will also be 2 x signed copies of my book – The Fairy who Sings.


Option 2 – Virtual author workshop: Exclusive online session for your school offered via Zoom or Youtube.  These sessions are up to ½ hour long. During these sessions I can read my book – The Fairy who Sings. Answer any questions the children or teachers may have after the story. I will then talk about the messages within the story. Talk about the free downloadable activities that go alongside my book for you to complete with the children after the session. 1 x signed copy of The Fairy who Sings is also included in the price which can be sent prior to the session. These sessions are priced at £50.


Option 3 – I can write a letter to the children introducing myself and the book to them. The teacher can read the story with the children and complete the free downloadable activities.  The children can then write to me with any questions about being an author or about the book. I will then send the children a personalised video back talking about the book, being an author and answering their questions. Included in this option is 1 x signed copy of The Fairy who Sings which will be sent at the same time as the letter to the children. Cost for this is £35.

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