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The Fairy who Sings is the first book in The Finding the Magic Series.  The Fairy who Sings is a beautifully illustrated rhyming story, which encompasses the magic of fairies with important key messages of self-esteem, friendship, kindness and courage. A wonderful heartwarming story, with a strong and courageous female protagonist for young children aspire to.


The Fairy who Sings will is part of the Finding the Magic series but it is also a great stand-alone story. It is a perfect teaching resource for parents and teachers to read with children too. It can enable children to appreciate what they have and help them understand differences, teach them about kindness, compassion and empathy, whilst also encouraging them to be none judgemental. With the main underlying message being self-belief!


The Fairy who Sings is an empowering book which focuses on the main characters own abilities, and encourages the children reading the story to do so too.

The 2nd book in the series, The Fairy who is Mean, is also out now. The Fairy who's Mean looks at the subject of bullying from the perspective of the bully. It encourages empathy and understanding as well as letting children know that it is never too late to turn things around. 

The Perfect Potion was released in 2021. It is a wonderful heartwarming tale about the powerful bond between sisters.

A story of sibling rivalry and love. Get to know Luna and her seemingly perfect older sister Astrid Gale, as the sisters learn there is something far more powerful than magic. Children will love the delightful rhyming story and beautiful illustrations as well as learning powerful lessons about the importance of appreciating family and no one being perfect.

Lots more wonderful children's picture books coming soon!

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