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  • The Perfect Potion is a fun story about witches, magic and sibling love. Young witches Luna and Astrid Gale both have very different personalities and styles. Little Luna desperately tries to match up to her older sister Astrid's spell-making abilities but sometimes this doesn't quite go to plan for poor Luna, resulting in some disastrous laugh out loud moments for readers.


    Luna's determination and tenacity to succeed is evident throughout the story but will Luna's search for perfection lead to a discovery of a very different kind of magic?


    This enchanting book is sure to captivate the imagination of all readers but will be particularly poignant for kids who have a sibling.


    Told in clever rhyming verse, with beautiful, bright illustrations, this book is sure to capture the hearts of all those young or old who have magic within their hearts.

    The Perfect Potion

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