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Do you struggle with too many thoughts running through your head whilst you’re trying to get to sleep?

I know I do! As adults we have so much on our minds that it can be really difficult to switch off. Children are also finding it difficult too, especially under current circumstances.

That’s why Find Magic Within Created the Be Mind Kind Notepad. 

A small A5 pad to keep by the side of the bed, which can be used by both adults and children to jot down those thoughts in order to try and switch off for the evening. 

By writing them down the brain feels like they have processed those thoughts and it can now relax. 

Even if another thought, randomly jumps into your head instead of letting it fester in your mind disturbing your sleep, you can quickly jot it down and then get some rest.

These A5 pads have 50 pages all the same so you can complete them each night. In the morning you can decide to keep them as a bit of a journal or you can destroy them, which ever works best for you or your child. 

These will be available in my Etsy store and from my website from this evening. In the meantime if you wish to order you can send me a direct message. 

Here is to peaceful sleep! 😴 💤 🛏

Be Mind Kind Notepad

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