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Introducing the Find Magic Within Award!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

An award for inspirational children!

The Find Magic Within Award is an award for children who have found their magic within.

The award will go to inspirational children. Children who have been brave, kind, courageous, strong, compassionate, helpful, determined, passionate, pro-active, remarkable, resourceful or uplifting. The list is endless. Any child who has shown true magic within will be considered for the award.

Children are incredible!

Children are doing remarkable things everyday. This award aims to empower and encourage children to believe in themselves, by showing recognition for their inner strength, compassion and resilience.

A time for celebration!

It is a time for celebration in the face of adversity. In these uncertain times children need their spirits lifting more than ever.

Every child is considered for the award, not just for huge achievements, but for smaller, personal achievements too!

Nominate a winner today!

Do you know a child who deserves this medal? let us know by heading to our facebook page and commenting on the pinned post at the top.

A new winner will be chosen every week and nominations for a child can be continuous, so if they are not chosen one week please do nominate them again and they may be chosen in one of the subsequent weeks.

At present the award is only open to children within the UK due to cost implications.

Every child who has done something inspirational is deserving of one of these medals but unfortunately we can only choose one child a week. We do however, have a downloadable certificate. You can print one out for any child, in order to acknowledge their efforts and amazingness! Please click on the resources section to download a certificate. You will need to subscribe to gain access (but don't worry you will not be spammed with emails everyday, I promise).

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